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Program Overview:  This program is composed of:

  • On-demand virtual workshop sessions focusing on how to correctly build out your Facebook Business Page to obtain a thriving Facebook business page.
  • Hands-on project assistance in building out a Facebook Funnel for your Business.
  • The program is held over a 4-week period.

 Program Benefits:

  • More customers or clients in your door
  • Understand how to create a thriving Facebook business page.
  • Ability to use Facebook to expand your business.
  • A clear understanding of how to get your business in the spotlight and achieve a competitive advantage using Facebook.
  • You will have a strategy and an approach for getting new clients or patients that is more of a science and not an art form.
  • Know how to create “Facebook Funnels” to promote any product or service • Be able to create effective Facebook ads that get results.
  • An understanding of how to use your Facebook Business page and Facebook ads together to get the maximum results.

Program Structure:

  • Step #1: Virtual Workshops – Building your Facebook Business Page and Funnel
  • Step #2: Hands-on Project – Building a Facebook Funnel: We will create an ad for you with a compelling offer that guides the prospect to a landing page to capture their contact information and entice them to call for an appointment. We will pay to place this ad for one week at a budget of $5.00 per day. After one week you will see the response and know in what quantity to invest in future ads, or what needs to be changed before further investment.  For 2 weeks after that, we will continue to work with you on tweaking the effectiveness to get you new patients or clients in the door.
  • Step #3 (optional): Online Workshop – Advanced Facebook Mastery:  To be available to you after completing Step #1 and Step #2 and not included in the program price.

Pricing Information: 

  • Pricing information: Just $149 total includes everything associated with Step #1 and #2 including the online workshop, creation of your Facebook Funnel, Facebook Ads and access to a More in the Door strategy coach.
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy:  You can cancel the program and receive a full refund at any time by emailing Jennifer@moreinthedoor.com or calling your strategy coach.


Tom Burton


Online and Live Coaching


4 Week Program

Price $149